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MessagePosté: Jeu 20 Mar 2014 13:32
de Laf1986
Kariba Amethyst Mine, Zambia

Kariba is the world’s single largest operating amethyst mine. In 2013 the GRZ elected to transfer its 50% stake in
Kariba (with Gemfields owning the remaining 50%) to the state-owned resources holding company, ZCCM-IH.
While the transfer of these shares has not been completed, Gemfields and ZCCM-IH agreed to recapitalise the
Kariba operations with US$2.5 million. This is the single largest cash injection that Kariba has received to date.
Mining and processing equipment has been purchased and is now functioning on site.

As at 31 December 2013, all rehabilitation and construction projects were complete and within budget including:
 Rehabilitation of the sort house and extension of the strong room;
 Construction of a new workshop;
 New 100 tonne per hour washing plant was commissioned, four water management ponds are in
production and six low quality stock management areas (silos) have been built;
 Two new excavators, one new bulldozer and three new 25 tonne dump trucks have been put in
 Rehabilitation of the mining camp and water distribution network are on schedule;
 Mining volumes are on track and within budget;
 Commercial and medium quality production are up 70% in volume, higher quality production has lagged
expectations; and
 A solar plant to supplement the diesel-generated electricity is being erected.

Mining development includes plans to connect the Francis pits (Main Francis, Lower Francis, Top Francis west).
In addition a new virgin area lying between the historical pits is being bulk sampled with results to date looking