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Account Gemfields 30/06/2014

Kariba Minerals Limited, Zambia
Kariba Minerals Limited (“Kariba”) is the world's single largest operating amethyst mine and continues to
account for a material proportion of global amethyst reserves. Synonymous with the colour of royalty,
amethyst’s desirable natural colour continues to garner favour given their relative hardness, cost, aesthetic
appeal and global opportunities for production and supply.
In 2013 the Government of the Republic of Zambia elected to transfer its 50% stake in Kariba (with
Gemfields owning the remaining 50%) to ZCCM Investments Holdings plc (“ZCCM-IH”), in which the
government owns some 87%.
Various factors have impacted on Kariba’s development and while some of these are ongoing, each of
Gemfields and ZCCM-IH provided further funds of US$ 0.2 million during the year. Each of the 15
shareholders had also provided USD 1.25 million in the prior financial year to acquire new equipment and
improve infrastructure.
As at 30 June 2014, all of the major rehabilitation, capital and construction projects had been completed
within budget. These included:
 Rehabilitation of the sort house and extension of the strong room;
 Construction of a new workshop;
 Installation of a new 100 tph washing plant including four water management ponds and six stock
management areas (silos) for lower grades;
 Two new excavators, one new bulldozer and three new 25 tonne dump trucks have deployed;
 A solar power installation has reduced dependency on diesel-generated electricity; and
 Rehabilitation of the mining camp and water distribution network are on schedule.
These upgrades are delivering positive results and have resulted in mining volumes increasing in line with
budgets and the quantity of commercial and medium quality production increasing by some 70%.
The mine’s development plans include connecting the Francis pits (Main Francis, Lower Francis and Top
Francis West) and hence, following positive bulk sampling results, a new virgin area lying between the older
pits is now being mined.
Subsequent to the year end, a new CCTV system was purchased and is expected to become fully operational
in October 2014.