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Le prêt à IDC a été remboursé le 2 avril 2019

MessagePosté: Mer 24 Avr 2019 21:17
de mbury
Courriel arrivé dans ma BAL ce matin:

ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc
Industrial Development Corporation Limited settlement of loan owed to ZCCM Investment Holdings PLC
Apr 23, 2019 05:35 pm
On 2 April 2018, ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc (“ZCCM-IH” or the “Company”) and the Industrial Development Corporation Limited (“IDC”), majority Shareholder, entered into a related party transaction through a Loan Facility Agreement whereby ZCCM-IH advanced a loan amount of US$19,000,000 to the IDC with a maturity period of 12 months.

ZCCM-IH wishes to announce that the IDC has fully settled the principal and interest amounts owed to ZCCM-IH. The payment was made on 2 April 2019 in line with the Loan Facility Agreement between the parties.

By Order of the Board
Chabby Chabala
Company Secretary

Issued in Lusaka, Zambia on Tuesday, 23 April 2019