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ZCCM IH Declares 40 million dollar dividend

MessagePosté: Jeu 9 Oct 2014 09:00
de Laf1986

ZCCM Investments Holdings has declared a US$40 million dividends for the first time in fourteen years.

Out of the forty million United States Dollars, Government will recieve 35 million as major shareholder, while the remainder goes ot others.

The company is now able to pay dividends because it makes profits
after Government decided to conevrt K1.8 billion debt it is owed into equity.

ZCCM IH has also recorded profit after tax of 8 hundred and 92 million kwacha from 5 hundred and 67 million kwacha.

The Company’s share price has also gone up by 1 hundred and 34 percent, which has seen ZCCM-IH being valued at slightly above one billion dollars.

This has made ZCCM IH the largest company on the Lusaka Stock Exchange by market capitalisation.

ZCCM – IH is now well placed for bright future investment prospects, according to the company’s Investor Relations officer Joseph Lungu.

The company was transformed into an Investment Holdings entity in 2000.