Message Mer 20 Aoû 2014 16:11

ZCCM-IH board, senior managers tour MCL

An high-powered delegation of Board members Mr. Cosmas Mwananshiku, Ms. Sophie Muntemba, Mr. John MD Patterson and Mr. Phillippe Tausacc and officials of ZCCM-IH Ms. Mutale Chanda, Chief Operating Officer and Mr. Charles Mjumphi, Corporate Officer, visited Maamba on 9th June to see the coal mining operations and the progress of construction of the 300 MW power plant taken up by Maamba Collieries Limited at an investment of USD 800 Million.

Mr Devineni welcomed the Board of Directors of ZCCM-IH and expressed gratitude for their visit for the first time since NBS took over the operations of MCL.

Mr D. Ashok, Chairman, Mr Ashwin Devineni, Resident Director and Mr. Essau S.S Nebwe, Director along with Mr. Gurram V. Narayana, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Lakshmi V. Narayana, Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Janardhan Lavu, Head of Corporate Affairs, interacted with the members of the delegation.

The delegation appreciated the progress achieved by MCL in coal mining as well as execution of the 300 MW power project and the fact that infrastructural systems like water and power transmission lines were designed for higher generating capacities in future to cater to the demand for power in countries like Botswana and Namibia after fully satisfying domestic demand.