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MAAMBA Collieries set aside US$4 million for compensation

MAAMBA Collieries Limited (MCL) set aside US$4 million for compensation
May 14, 2013

MAAMBA Collieries Limited (MCL) has set aside US$4 million as compensation funds for 100 households that are expected to be displaced to pave way for the construction of the pipeline.
The pipeline is meant to supply water to the thermal power plant which is currently under construction in Sinazongwe.
About 100 households that are sitting on land earmarked for the pipeline construction will be displaced.
This is according to a statement released by MCL head of corporate affairs Janardhan Lavu after Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe toured the mine on Saturday last week.
MCL also says it is constructing 60 houses for the displaced families.
“The company has started building more advanced houses compared to the existing structures for the families…families that had grass-thatched huts will be given one-bedroom houses and those with two-room thatched huts will receive two-bedroom [houses],” he said.
Mr Lavu said the houses will be provided with facilities such as piped water, drainages, street roads and electricity.
He said owners of commercial structures that are sitting on land which is earmarked for the pipeline have already been provided with financial compensation.
Mr Lavu also said MCL has given contracts to local private enterprises that are running labour matters with specific guidelines that they must meet legal requirements.
“The requirements include meeting minimum wage and contributions to the National Pension Authority among others,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Munkombwe told management that Government is interested in labour matters because it is elected on the premise of creating jobs.
Mr Munkombwe was impressed that the company has engaged in a lot of development to benefit the local community.
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