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KCM, DAPP to spend $480,000 on social responsibility project

KCM, DAPP to spend $480,000 on social responsibility project - by Mwila Chansa in Mkushi - September 2009
KONKOLA Copper Mines (KCM), in conjunction with the Development Aid from People to People (DAPP), is set to spend US $480,000 over a four-year period to implement corporate social responsibility projects.
KCM corporate social responsibility manager Sampa Chitah said the projects would be implemented in their areas of operation, starting with Chingola and Nampundwe.
Chitah confirmed the development in Mkushi over the weekend during the launch of the initial training for community mobilisers and project leaders for the KCM supported child aid projects in Nampundwe and Chingola respectively.
She said the project was holistically focusing on the welfare of the households.
Chitah explained that children would also be targeted because they had a great influence on their parents.
“A child lives in a home and for their needs to be met, they have to live in a conducive environment. So we are looking at empowering families through skills. For children, we are looking at early childhood education,” she said.
Chitah said the project would target 5,000 families in Nampundwe and another 5,000 in Chingola.
And depending on its performance, KCM says it would extend the project to other areas of its operations in Chililabombwe and Kitwe.
And training co-facilitator Praxedes Bukoko, who is also the project leader for Chingola, said the project was looking at empowering families with enough money for consumption and other basic needs.
She said the project was also looking at doing health activities under water and sanitation to minimise the prevalence of water borne diseases.
Bukoko said this would be done through identification of families struggling with poor sanitation by assisting them to construct pit latrines and ensuring that they had hand washing systems and good surroundings.
She added that early childhood centres would also be set up under the project in order to build the capacity of children to be responsible adults.
“Furthermore, we will also have youth programmes that will focus on youths that are not in school so that they are influenced to learn about leadership skills,” said Bukoko.
Another facilitator, Mephias Shanobe, said the project would be a model as this was the first time a child project was being funded in an urban area.
And giving a vote of thanks, Rebecca Kamanga, who graduated as a community leader for Chingola, pledged to work closely with the community so that they could have a sense of ownership for the project.
And Forward Tutuluka from Nampundwe appreciated the knowledge imparted by KCM and DAPP and pledged to implement it.
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Il faut savoir que le board et donc le gouvernement est très sensible quant à la responsabilité sociale des partenaires.
Il est évident que les projets de KCM d'augmentation de production s'accompagnent logiquement d'une augmentation de leurs projets sociaux.
Ce que l'on conçoit bien, s'énonce clairement, Et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément. BOILEAU