Message Mar 1 Sep 2009 02:40

Konkola North

En regardant les résultats d'arm (qui possède 50% de Teal qui possède les permis d'exploration de Konkola North), voici la partie qui nous intéresse

The Vale/ARM JV’s (“the JV”) primary projects are focused on copper in Zambia (the Konkola
North Copper Project (“Konkola North”)) and copper-cobalt on the Kalumines property in the DRC.
A conservative, modular and phased approach will be adopted in the development of the ore bodies
in Zambia, which at this stage is expected to be followed by the development of the DRC ore bodies.
The JV’s steering committee and board has been constituted, and a dedicated management team will
be put in place to implement our strategy of growing the copper operations.
The development of the Konkola North Copper Project is a high priority for the JV and a bankable
feasibility study is being completed to develop a 2.5 mtpa mine producing about 45 000 tpa of refi ned
copper for a mine life in excess of 20 years. Geological drilling and evaluation work is continuing
in other parts of the Konkola North property, on additional exploration licences on the Zambian
Copperbelt in close proximity to the Konkola North property, and on the Kalumine property in the