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CEC seeks to up power generation By Business Reporter THE

MessagePosté: Ven 28 Aoû 2009 08:50
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CEC seeks to up power generation

By Business Reporter

THE Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) is discussing with a partner to explore more opportunities for investment in the power generation sector, managing director Neil Croucher has said.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Croucher said the firm was looking at some potential projects with a certain strategic partner but declined to name the organisation as they were still exploring ideas.

“We are looking at them (potential projects) with a strategic partner, but I can’t talk about that at the moment because we are still discussing them,” he said.

He said the company wanted to engage in power generation to help meet the demand
for power in Zambia, especially that there was a power shortage because of improved economic activities in recent years.

The CEC has been granted rights to conduct a feasibility study on the development of Kabompo Gorge in North-Western Province, which it is undertaking in partnership with Tata Africa, and has also expressed interest in the development of Kafue Gorge Lower power station.

Mr Croucher said CEC anticipated that there would be increased demand for power in the wake of a rebound in copper prices, as most mines that had suspended projects would seek to revive them.

Power consumption by the mining companies dropped by 20 per cent in the last one year owing to the effects of the global financial crisis, which forced some of them to suspend projects or close down operations.

“We are working at how we are going to restore the 20 per cent power supply because they are going to start demanding more power in the next six months or so, with the rise in the copper prices on the international market.

“Many of them will be opening the projects that they had planned before the financial crisis, and the situation of power is going to be a challenge in Zambia,” he said.

He said the challenge was for the country to invest in power generation, adding that there was a lot of potential for development of numerous hydropower projects in many parts of Zambia.