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A forum dedicated to providing information for shareholders

The forum “about ZCCM-IH”

A forum dedicated to providing information for ZCCM-IH shareholders

This forum was set up by a group of minority shareholders of ZCCM-IH to inform current and potential shareholders of events relating directly to the company, its management, its valuation and its share price. It is a rich source of information that complements the very weak information flow from the official ZCCM-IH website. The information given here is controlled, independent and unbiased. It covers not only the ZCCM-IH company itself but also all the companies in which is ZCCM-IH is invested. This makes it the richest source of information available on the Zambian mining industry as a whole.

The minority shareholders of ZCCM-IH are also active in persuading ZCCM-IH to adopt more transparent and effective governance and management policies so that the company's overall performance is improved. To achieve this the minority shareholders are in regular contact with officers of the company, the Zambian regulatory authorities and the international media. Their representative has attended all the company's General meetings in Lusaka since they were reintroduced in 2010.

This site has two parts. The Public Information section offers free access to all comers and is dedicated to providing information to anyone interested in ZCCM-IH. In it you will find the latest financial information on the ZCCM-IH and the companies in which ZCCM-IH is invested. You will also find an archive of past and recent documents relating to correspondence between members of the group and ZCCM-IH, the regulatory authorities and the press as well as updates of different action taken in the past or ongoing. Links are also given to relevant articles available in the press.

The second part is a Forum reserved for debating events relating to the company, the government and the Zambian Mining Industry. This section is also open for access to any interested party who wishes to subscribe. Subscription is free on condition that the name and address of the subscriber can be positively identified. This information is remains confidential. Information is this section may sometimes be more up to date than that posted on the public section. Since ZCCM-IH shares are mostly traded on the Paris Euronext Stock Exchange, the Forum contains posts in both English and French. Simultaneous translation is available for those who speak only one of these languages.
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