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Baluba mine rehab nears completion By Times Reporter CHINA

MessagePosté: Mar 25 Aoû 2009 08:15
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Baluba mine rehab nears completion

By Times Reporter

CHINA Non-Ferous Metal Mining Company- Luanshya Copper Mines (CNMC LCM) has completed 90 per cent of the rehabilitation work on the Baluba mine.

CNMC LCM underground manager for Baluba mine, Joseph Chikoti said in Luanshya yesterday when Mines and Minerals Deputy Minister Boniface Nkhata toured the mine that 90 per cent of the rehabilitation work on the Baluba mine had so far been done.

Mr Chikoti said the company was currently undertaking development works that led to the core body of the mine.

He said the development works would be done up until December to ensure that there was continuity once mining operations started.

“We are currently undertaking development of the mine and this will last until December. We want to complete all development works now so that once mining operations begin, there will be continuity,” Mr Chikoti said.

Once all the development was done, about 2,000 tonnes of Copper ore would be produced daily.

Mr Chikoti said previously a contractor did the development works on the mine but that under the new management, the employees would do the work.

Developing the mine by employees of the mine improved levels of safety standards because LCM employees understood the importance of safety.

Mr Chikoti also said that the previous owner of the mine removed all old stocks while it was under care and maintenance.

And site manager, Robert Kamanga said the mine was targeting production of 5,000 tonnes of copper ore and 1,500 tonnes of waste ore.

Mr Kamanga said management had invested US$74 million to replace the loading machinery, acquire new drilling equipment and rehabilitate some other equipment.

Meanwhile, Mr Nkhata said he was happy with the progress made by the mine.

He said that the investor had decided to acquire new equipment and technology rather than using some of the old machinery that had broken down.

He hoped that new technology would improve the output of the mine once in operation and that it would help lessen accidents.

Mr Nkhata said it was not the wish of Government to see any mine close and especially that the Luanshya mine had undergone several closures.

The chief executive officer of the mine, Luo Xingeng assured Mr Nkhata that his advise to the mine workers that the responsibility to make Luanshya proud, rested on their shoulders would reach the miners on the next Monday briefing.