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Maamba Collieries to supply NCZ with coal

Maamba Collieries to supply NCZ with coal
By Henry Sinyangwe
Tue 28 May 2013, 14:00

MAAMBA Collieries Limited has been contracted to supply 29,000 metric tonnes of coal to Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia.
Maamba Collieries head of corporate affairs Janardhan Lavu said the mine was also supplying the commodity to Lafarge, Chambishi Copper Smelter and the mines, following the stalled production at Collum Coal Mine.
The government recently took over Collum Coal Mine, which was being run by the Chinese, following several law breaches.
A mine is currently being conducted before a resumption of operations.
"NCZ has started getting coal from us; they gave us an order for 29,000 tonnes that will be supplied over the next five months which is the requirement on the order from government for the fertiliser supply. We are making very good progress at the moment," Lavu said.
NCZ will need more energy to run the plant which intends to produce 150,000 metric tones of basal fertiliser for the 2013/2014 farming season to be supplied to government and the open market.
NCZ marketing and sales manager Evans Mupeta said the parastatal had so far produced 21,500 metric tonnes of basal dressing.
The government has contracted NCZ to produce 71,000 tonnes of basal fertilizer for the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) this coming farming season.
And Lavu said 30 percent of the overall works on the first 300 mega watts thermal power plant have been completed, and expected to be commissioned by January 2015.
"We have spent close to US$118 million with ZCCM-IH as our partners. We have a power purchase agreement, a 20-year agreement and we will guarantee 85 per cent from the 300MW to Zesco," said Lavu.
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