Message Mer 15 Déc 2010 23:44

Maamba Coal Mine in facelift

Maamba Coal Mine in facelift
The new investor of Maamba Coal Mine, NAVA BHARAT, has begun revamping the Colliery.

Chief Executive Officer KALUNGA MUMBA says the demolition of the old coal processing plant is underway.

The old plant will be replaced by a modern one, at a cost of twenty-four million United States dollars.

Mr. MUMBA has told ZNBC news in Maamba that the new coal processing plant is being designed in South Africa.

He explains that the new plant will be installed at the mine in the next quarter of 2011.

Mr. MUMBA also says the mine has acquired new drills while the clearing of the rubble is underway.

The Mine is Zambia's leading supplier of Coal.