KCM's KDMP sunk at wrong place



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KCM's KDMP sunk at wrong place

KCM's KDMP sunk at wrong place

THE highly publicized multimillion dollar Konkola Deep Mining Project (KDMP) for Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Chililabombwe is a white elephant that has siphoned KCM of huge resources.

The 500 million US dollars KDMP project is reported to have been sunk at a wrong place from the initial site where Anglo American Company had wanted to sink it.

According to the insider, who confided in The Independent Observer, said that the initial site was rocky but proximity to the copper ore body which should have made the mines to start mining and hoisting copper ore soon after sinking the shaft.
The challenge with this initial site which all Zambians mining engineers had recommended, was that it was so rocky, meaning that sinking of the shaft could have been so expensive.

So Vedanta Resources thought otherwise and opted for the cheap and sandy site which was about 15 kilometres (distance debatable) away from the initial site.

LTA Grinekar was hired to sink the shaft, the job the contractor has done perfectly but the challenge is that the ore body still remains in the initial site.

This means embarking on hauling to the ore body which has become more expensive but without copper coming out to help in meeting some cost.

“If KCM had sunk at the initial site, the mining firm could have started hoisting copper which was proximity to the shaft thereby help in settling the international lenders who financed the project. This money could have also helped in paying LTA Grinekar.

“In trying to cover up and deceiving the lenders who wanted to know if KDMP was productive, KCM has enter-connected KDMP to one of the working shaft to show the financers that the shaft is working and they have started hoisting copper,” he said.

For now this deepest shaft of approximately 1,500 metres, remains a white elephant as development still has to be done to reach the ore body.

LTA Grinekar the company that was hired to sink KDMP shaft was not being paid resulting in partying company with KCM.

Yet the international funders have started getting its loan refund, this is also the real problem KCM has because it is like hand to mouth.

"If today its not half salaries, tomorrow it will be retrenchment and the other day a pull out.

“After everyone has knocked off these our friends would remain behind for meetings among themselves where decisions were made,” he said.

Apparently, The Independent Observer, Zambia Daily Mail and The Post have been pursuing this story for a while now.

For a coincidence Foreign Affairs Minister Wylbur Simuusa was taken to KDMP and the Reporters from the three media institutions who have been following the story were barred from proceeding underground at KDMP.

The conclusion was that there is something fishy at KDMP. We shall hear more if this is not Vedanta's last fight (blood).
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Re: KCM's KDMP sunk at wrong place

Pour info : aucune info ne venant soutenir cette rumeur depuis juin. Veracité donc pas confirmée. Mais who knows?
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