Message Jeu 28 Mar 2013 12:19

Goods train back

ZAMBIA Railways Limited (ZRL) has started transporting lime from Ndola Lime to Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Chingola using goods trains in a historic and landmark move aimed at supporting the revival of the railway sector.
ZRL is expected to be transporting an average of 10,000 metric tonnes of lime per month from Ndola to Chingola, a move which will ease congestion on major trunk roads.
The first locomotive pulling 16 wagons containing lime arrived at Nchanga Mine Lime Plant in Chingola last Friday, after a break of several years following the collapse of Zambia Railways.
According to a statement issued by the KCM corporate affairs department in Chingola yesterday, the arrival of the train signifies the start of a long-term relationship, which will culminate in ZRL carrying copper anode from the Nchanga Smelter to KCM’s Nkana Refinery in Kitwe and also copper cathode from the Nkana Refinery to the port in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
KCM head of marketing, logistics and concentrate procurement Amol Mehra said KCM is delighted that it has finally implemented its plans to use the railways for carrying goods into the plant and to export markets.
“This is an extremely important step because it will bring several economic and social benefits to KCM, the Zambia Railways and the country at large.
“It will help to sustain the revival of Zambia Railways, which is extremely important to us as we will use their service to carry bulk commodities,” Mr Mehra said.
KCM is still negotiating with ZRL on plans for the railway company to start carrying copper to Chozi where the Tanzania Zambia Railway will then take it all the way to Dar es Salaam.
“We hope this will lead to a vibrant and reliable railway system once more,” Mr Mehra said.