Message Ven 18 Mar 2016 13:47

KCM to rekindle Nchanga mine

KONKOLA Copper Mines (KCM) will soon start mining operations at its Nchanga upper ore body (UOB), which has not been utilised but has an estimated potential of over 50 million tonnes of copper ore in reserves.
During a media tour of KCM facilities in Chingola, Nchanga underground manager Bwalya Chafilwa said the future of the Vedanta Resources-owned mining entity depends on exploiting the UOB.
“From the time mining operations started at Nchanga about 80 years ago, only the lower ore body has been utilised and its lifespan is remaining with about three years. Full-scale operations at the upper ore body will add another 40 years of mining life.
“Due to advancements in technology, we are also considering to start processing materials that were considered as waste to retrieve elements of copper.
“It is too early for me to state the actual figure on investments on the UOB but for waste materials, capital expenditure will be minimal since the areas where they are dumped are already developed,” Mr Chifilwa said.