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Mopani's smelter upgrade project on track
By Gift Chanda
Tue 10 Sep. 2013, 14:00 CAT [14 Reads, 0 Comment(s)]

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MOPANI Copper Mines says it is on track with its Mufulira smelter upgrade project, which seeks to increase sulphur dioxide capture to 97 per cent.
Construction of the smelter upgrade project, which is due to be completed by December, is currently in its third phase, which will further raise the capture of sulphur dioxide from 51 to 97 per cent, the Glencore International-owned firm said yesterday.
"This project has been undertaken in three phases. Phase one was the construction of a new smelter and acid plant; phase two was the construction of new anode furnaces and phase three is the installation of additional converters and an additional acid plant to finalise the capture of sulphur dioxide," John Chiwele, the company's chief financial officer, said. "Phase three is on track for completion in December and will result in remedying the historical sulphur dioxide issues in line with the environmental management plan agreed with the government through the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA)."
ZEMA in March last year ordered Mopani to shut down its Mufulira heap leaching plant due to excessive emissions of the pollutant acid mist.
The plant was shut in the wake of complaints from residents of Butondo of massive pollution through acid mists that allegedly affected their health and agricultural crops.
The plant, however, was reopened a month later after the agency was satisfied that MCM had met the stipulated recommendations to end the environmental anomaly.
Since then, Mopani embarked on an extensive clean-up exercise, spending more than US$2.2bilion in the first two phases of its Mufulira smelter upgrade project.
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