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NamPower, Zambia’s CEC sign Kudu plant deal

NamPower, Zambia’s CEC sign Kudu plant deal

NAMIBIAN power utility NamPower has reached a deal with Zambia’s Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) to develop a much-delayed $1.2bn gas-to-power plant in the sparsely populated desert country.

CEC will take a 30% stake in the Kudu project near Oranjemund in south-western Namibia that will pump gas from the Kudu field about 170km offshore to a combined cycle gas power plant.

CEC firm will also buy up to 300MW of electricity from the plant to supply mines in Zambia, Africa’s top copper producer.

Nampower will source $1bn for the project while CEC is expected to contribute up to $100m.

Nampower is looking for another equity partner to finance the remaining $100m.

The plant, which will have a total capacity of up to 1,050MW when completed in 2017, will be connected to the Namibian and South African electricity grids for local and regional use.

NamPower has been working on projects to boost supplies of electricity in Namibia, one of the world’s top uranium producers, but most have been delayed due to financing problems and disputes over contracts.

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