Message Mer 24 Sep 2014 20:30


PARLIAMENT is still viciously following the case in which Non-Ferrous Mining Corporation of Africa (NFCA) has continued to carry out mining activities despite ordering a halt in the implementation of the South East Ore-Body (SEOB) project in Chambishi.
Mines, Energy and Water Development Deputy Minister Richard Musukwa told the House that Government was actively pursuing the set up of the NFCA plant in Chambishi which was started by the previous MMD Government.
Responding to a supplementary question from Katuba UPND MP Jonas Shakafuswa who wanted to find out whether corruption was involved in the matter in which NFCA was allowed to go ahead with mining activities despite ZEMA having said no to the project, Mr Musukwa said Governement was committed to protecting and ensuring safety of the Zambian people.
ZEMA late last year ordered a halt in the implementation of the SEOB on grounds that NFCA had failed to comply with regulations on compensation and relocation of surrounding communities.
Mr Shakafuswa, however, told the House that NFCA had continued to carry out the mining activities despite ZEMA’s position on the matter.
But Mr Musukwa maintained that Government was still pursuing the case and was working tirelessly to ensure the safety and protection of the Zambian people.
He said it was regrettable that some Zambians in areas like Kankoyo had been subjected to sulphur pollution as a result of mining activities but Government was committed to changing their situation.
He said the Government was committed to safeguarding the lives of the people.
Mr Musukwa said Government was also happy that Government, working with three mining companies had managed to reduce sulphur emission by about 98 percent.
He named the mining companies as Mopani Copper Mines, Chambeshi Copper Smelter and Konkola Copper mines which had together with the Government technical team and mine safety department had managed to capture sulphur gas by about 98 per cent.
Meanwhile the House also heard that Government had set aside US$29m for the construction of silos for the strategic food reserves.
Meanwhile Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini announced members of various committees of the House.
The committee on priviledges, absences and support services will include Mr Mkhondo Lungu, Mr Edgar Lungu, Mr Yamfwa Mukanga, Mr Jack Mwiimbu, Mr David Mwila, Mr Gary Nkombo, Ms Sarah Sayifwanda and Mr Reuben Mtolo.
The committee on economic affairs, energy and labour would include Mr K Hamudulu, Mr Felix Mutati, Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane, Mr Villie Lombanya, Mr Gary Nkombo, Mr L.C. Bwalya, Mr Geoffrey Mwamba and Ms Christabel Ngimbu.
The Reforms and Modernisation committee will consist of Mr Alexander Chikwanda, Mr Edgar Lungu, Mr Emmanuel Chenda, Mr Kapembwa Simbao, Mr Patrick Mucheleka, Stephen Katuka, Mr Isaac Banda, Mr Effron Lungu and Ms Moono Lubezhi.
The committee on Government assurances will include Mr Munji Habeenzu, Mr Lufuma, Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, Mr January Zimba, Mr Mpundu, Mrs Gertrude Imenda, Ms Victoria Kalima and Mr A Sichula.
He said the committee on delegated legislation will consist on Ms Lubezhi, Mr Cornelius Mweetwa, Mr Isaac Banda, Mr A Sichula, Mr B. Mutale, Mr Allan Mbewe, Mr Misheck Mutelo and Mr Humphrey Mwanza.
The Committee on estimates would include Mr Highvie Hamududu, Mr Edgar Singombe, Mr Reuben Mtolo, Mr L Chabala, Mr G Lubinda, Mr R. Mpundu, Mr P Phiri and Ms Alfrida Kansembe.
He said thr committee on Local Governance, Housing and Chiefs Affairs will include Mr Allan Mbewe, Mr Boyd Hamusonde, Mr M, Ndalamei, Mrs Mutinta Mazoka, Mr H, Chansa, Mr M, Chishimba, Mr Levy Ngoma and Mr Given Lubinda.