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Sulfuric Acid II Series of Chambishi Copper Smelter...

Sulfuric Acid II Series of Chambishi Copper Smelter Limited put into operation successfully at the first attempt

The board of directors of China Nonferrous Mining Corporation Limited (the “Company”) hereby announces the update of Chambishi Copper Smelter Limited (“CCS”), its fellow subsidiary.

The sulfuric acid II series, one of the key projects of phase-two expansion of CCS, a Zambia-stationed enterprise of the Company, was subject to convertor heating on the date of November 28, 2012 and was officially put into trial production on the 2nd of December. On the same day, it produced 1,200 tons of sulfuric acid (98%), which marked a successful operation at the first attempt.

The sulfuric acid II series is an environmental-friendly project for the comprehensive recovery of smelting smoke so as to cope with the increase of production capacity of CCS smelting system to 250,000 tons. It is much safer in operation because it has inherited the optimal design of the phase-one system and further optimized its technological and equipment configurations to avoid the various problems that have occurred during the three-year operations of series I. Its smooth operation increases the CCS’s sulfuric acid production capacity from phase one’s 280,000 tons per year to 600,000 tons per year and lays a
foundation for the smooth expansion of the pyrometallurgical system. Moreover, in terms of production, the two systems can work simultaneously or alternately, which avoids impact on the smelting system caused by sulfuric acid device to the greatest extent, and is good for upgrading the operating rate and load rate of the ISA furnace. Meanwhile, the smooth operation of the project will also bring better economic benefit to the Company.

By Order of the Board
China Nonferrous Mining Corporation Limited
Beijing, the PRC, December 10, 2012

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