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With improved Electricity supply and Copper prices, Luanshya ... s-workers/

With improved Electricity supply and Copper prices, Luanshya mine recalls workers
March 2, 2017100 views

CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines has started re-calling its workers who were sent on unpaid leave over one year six months ago owing to low copper prices and increased cost of production.

LCM Public Relations Manager Sydney Chileya said the company has decided to recall the workers following in increase in copper prices coupled with the increase in energy supply which has resulted in low cost of production.

In September 2015 over 900 workers were sent on forced leave following LCM management decision to suspend operations at its Baluba underground mine and at the slag treatment plant.

The operations were suspended due to the drop of the price of copper on the international market, the energy deficit the country was facing and also the escalating cost of production.

Equipment at the Luanshya Copper Mine and Muliayashi Mine, which are one of Zambia’s mines promising a profitable future.
Mr. Chileya disclosed that so far, 50 workers have been reinstated and the company targets to recall 150 workers by the end of March 2017.

Among the workers who have been called back consist of artisans, who include boiler makers, plant feeders and electricians.

Mr. Chileya further noted that the number of workers who have been called back is quiet small because the mine was undergoing rehabilitation as the first step in recovery.

He however indicated that by the end of this month the mining plant will be up and running and the number of the workers who have been called back will rise from 50 to 150.
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